EFLC Program


Brief overview of the Prelimenary Program

Wednesday June 10, 2020
Afternoon: Meet the young investigators in NAFLD research.
Practical training in liver elastography and ultrasonography and Parallel sessions for general practitioners, pediatricians, endocrinologists and vascular medicine, nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

Thursday June 11, 2020
Morning: Fundamental research topics related to NASH and systemic complications.
Afternoon: Practical aspects of NAFLD diagnosis, clinical consequences and prevention strategies.

Friday June 12, 2020 - International NASH Awareness Day
Topics concerning awareness, early diagnosis, prevention of NASH will be discussed with patients, patient societies, researchers, physicians, EU health care politicians, insurance, pharmaceutical and nutritional companies.

Following keynote lectures a moderated discussions will be organized with a panel of experts from the respective fields. The role of early diagnosis in the prevention of progressive hepatic and extrahepatic disease will be the central theme.

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