Annual NUTRIM symposium 2020

Annual Nutrim Symposium 2020 - Is science just an opinion?

The debate over facts and so-called ‘alternative truths’ is ongoing in society, but also in science. Scientists tend to be much more skeptical about ‘truths’, because in evidenced-based reasoning even undisputed facts are constantly put forwards for open debate. The free expression of opinion, a free and accessible press and the freedom of research, guarantees the debate needed to argue the evidence for scientific knowledge. Still, many people do not merely invent facts, but also feel the need to spread them. Deliberate disinformation has become a means of controlling politics and public opinion. As a result, scientific knowledge is often put aside by the public as ‘just an opinion’. Should scientist care and act now?

Date: 18 November 2020
Venue: van der Valk Hotel Maastricht, Nijverheidsweg 35, Maastricht

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Scientific committee
Prof. Dr. Annemie Schols, Scientific Director
Dr. Roger Godschalk, PhD-Students coordinator
NUTRIM PhD Students Council